Sunday, October 25, 2020

FBI and US Election Interference

The US FBI had a press conference earlier this week where. It disclosed that it had evidence that Russia and Iranian APTs had obtained voter registration lists. They were using these lists to email democratic voters and threaten them to vote Republican.

I don't think much about that because it is obvious that there are nation state actors interested only in watching the world burn. But the thing I can't stop thinking about is if it were me. Meaning, if I were the US would I feel about knowing that our country's enemies WANT me to be the President. Obviously, that means they think I will do things to their advantage, or that I am maleable and can be influenced to make decisions in the best interestes of Iran and Russia.

I know the current inhabitant of the White House lacks the emotional intelligence to be so introspective but if it were me, that news would hit me very, very hard. It would shake me to my core and make me question everything I thought about who I was and how the world perceived me. I would be completely preoccupied with the knowledge that my country's enemies were actively spending tons of money, time, and national resources to ensure I remained in power in my country. That would be a very heavy thing to bear.

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