Saturday, October 24, 2020

I Don't Understand Migraines

 I get migraines but they're all different. Sometimes I get the halo and no headache but I basically collapse from exhaustion. Sometimes I get the headache and halo and sometimes just the headache.

And I was surprised by the halo when I first started getting them. Having no experience, I thought the halo would be like light in my peripheral vision or something like that. But for me, it's like a jagged rip in my vision where part of the world disappears into a kaleidoscope within that jagged tear. Like looking through a lightning bolt shaped rip into another plane in the middle of my vision but I can see everything else normally. Initially, I was convinced it was a detached retina or something but after a bit of googling I found out it's a known type of migraine halo sometimes called an optical migraine.

No thanks to Google banking

The new Google Pay app is reported to have peer to peer payments and acts more like a banking app than a payment app. Those who know me know...