Monday, October 26, 2020

Moving stuff around

Today was the day I decided that Standard Notes isn't for me. I've used it hard for a week and there's a lot of stuff I like about it. But honestly, most of that stuff is also in Joplin and the price tag for Standard Notes is just too much to justify the two things I like that aren't in Joplin. 

Those features are integration with and multiple editors (of which I liked the spreadsheet one the best). But with the upgrade to version 3.5, the spreadsheets became extremely slow to open and it didn't seem to be a known issue. I didn't expect to be able to store and edit spreadsheets on SN at the beginning so it's not really that crushing a loss. Ditto with I had never heard of it before and, as you can see, Blogger does a fine job all by itself for short form blogging like this. 

I'm not against spending money on software and services. I do all the time. This isn't about "stuff should be free", this is just a value proposition for me. SN isn't cutting it because it's very costly to pay monthly and the only two longer terms are too much money for me to outlay for a few small features and also be trapped when something breaks.

Right to Repair finally gets a win.

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