Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Multihomed switch configs and remote work

Working remotely is one thing - I have done that exclusively since 2016. But that does not mean that I've done everything remotely. For example, I have always gone onsite to bring up new equipment and therefore I've spent very little time building our remote deployment capabilities. Now, like everyone else, I can't travel so the time has come to spend some cycles on that.

One of the things that always causes problems onsite is that transit provider ports are either configured wrong on the transit provider's side, or the cables are connected to the wrong patch panel or switch ports. I can't do much about incorrect transit provider configs, but I can hedge my bets against the wrong cable/port issue. We use Arista switches, and Arista EOS supports multiple "secondary" IP address allocation for each interface. I know the IPs we've been assigned from our transit providers and usually we assign one per optical port. But this time. I am assigning all our IPs to the only optical port I can configure in my home office/lab. My reasoning is that while it is likely the cables are not connected to the correct switch ports, it is also unlikely that none of the cables are connected to the first optical port on the switch. 

This type of thing:

interface Ethernet49/1
no switchport
ip address
ip address secondary
ip address secondary
ipv6 enable
ipv6 address 1:1:1:1:1/126
ip access-group uplink-in in
ipv6 access-group uplink-in6 in

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