Tuesday, November 3, 2020

TIL 20201103: Space Guns, Nostrils, and Buckets of Sludge.

Project Babylon was a project to launch satellites into space using a giant, really giant, gun. After running out of believers in North America, the inventor eventually built one in Iraq under Saddam Hussein's rule. 

Nostrils plug and and unplug in a cycle. This ensures that one nostril retains the ability to humidify incoming air which is one of the important functions of the nose. 

Origami is extremely important in the field of programmable matter; that being the idea that you could just carry a bucket of sludge around with you and reach into it to pull out whatever tool you need at the time. The matter reorganizes itself into whatever you need. Origami gives the best clues at the moment how to take something light and easy to carry and turn it into a variety of useful shapes and then return it to its original form for reuse. 

Right to Repair finally gets a win.

"Big Ag is a particularly odious repair troll, and John Deere is its standard-bearer. The company has been trying to felonize farmers&#...